Bitcoin SV Vs Bitcoin ABC The Ongoing Battle.

Bitcoin SV Vs Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin SV: The ongoing battle

Bitcoin which has recently split into two cryptocurrencies (BTC ABC and BTC SV) have no intention of joining hands anytime soon. This continuous debate has already had some cryptocurrency exchanges warming up to the idea of two different currencies. Some of these exchanges include Poloniex and Bitfinex who are already supporting the activity of both networks. This split due to a hard fork happened earlier in August when the Bitcoin ledger called the blockchain and the cryptocurrency split into two.

Craig Wright who helped create Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Version) said, “We’re still competing. This is not a split, this is one survives and one does not and it is not going to be us that dies.”

On the other hand Bitcoin ABC (Adjustable Blockchain Cap) supporter Roger Ver has made it clear that they are going to continue mining block on Bitcoin ABC and, “It’s none of your business where the hash rate comes from and it’s not for a single day, it’s for as long as we want. We can go for a single decade if we need to so bring it baby.”

This war does not seem to be coming to an understanding anytime soon with both cryptocurrencies fighting against each other. Wright explained his method of fighting by saying it is all about “persistence hunting” and not based on “quick bursts.” He went on to say “We follow behind, we track them, we keep them on their tails, we basically make them expend until they burn out.”

What exactly is the difference between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV?

BTC ABC (Adjustable Blocksize Cap)

Want to keep the original network

Led by Roger Ver and Tihan Wu

Block size of network 32MB

Supporting mining pools include-, Antpool and

BTC SV (Satoshi Version)

Want to make some radical changes by restoring the “original Satoshi protocol” and changing the structure

Led by Craig Wright and supported by Satoshi Nakamoto

Supporting pools include Coingeek and

It will be interesting to see how things turn out with the amount of friction and competition between both the cryptocurrencies and who will win this ongoing battle or if they will come to a mutual understanding.