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Friday, December 14, 2018
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European Union invites 5 major banks to help set up blockchain forum

The European Union (EU) organized in Brussels has invited 5 major banks to join hands to establish a blockchain forum. Through the International Association for...
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EOS-The Most Controversial Coin in the Digital Coin Economy

Bitcoin Developer and Educator, Jimmy Song, has allegedly termed EOS a "scam" and warns the newbie that "it will die in a horrible dumpster...
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How India is leveraging Blockchain- Top 5 projects

Blockchain is the nuts and bolts of Bitcoin, but that doesn't make it less compatible to melt into other businesses. Here's a list of...
Indian Banks on Fire – Perfect timings for Crypto Adoption

Indian Banks on Fire – Perfect timings for Crypto Adoption?

Bad loans and NPAs have eaten up a large chunk of Indian Banks. Losses have engulfed the State-run banks. Will a crypto adoption at...

Ethereum Classic is better than ethereum , Wonder why ?

  The much-disputed and relentless battlefield of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic has never failed to intrigue the members of the crypto world. The soi-disant “historic...

Decentraland Mana – The next exciting project in Cryptocurrency land with public VR blockchain

 Decentraland is best thought of as a parallel universe albeit a virtual one. A world with a fixed amount of land which people can...

Vivid History: ‘How Money Got Free’ Is the Untold Story of Bitcoin

An early bitcoin designer and business visionary, Alex Waters filled in as COO and CIO for bitcoin trade startup BitInstant. Later going ahead to...