Crypto Glossary


Address- Address- The first thing you'll need for receiving a Bitcoin payment. It is generated automatically through Bitcoin Core or through any Bitcoin exchange at no cost and comprises of 26-35 alphanumeric characters. Unlike an email address, a single Bitcoin address becomes redundant after the completion of a transaction. 


Blockchain- A decentralised and electronic record of any form of transaction, whether financial or non-financial. Entries in a blockchain journal are accessible to anyone who is electronically connected to the chain – be anywhere in the world – hence referred to as Internet 2.0


Bitcoin is the first and the highest valued cryptocurrency in the world –backed by Blockchain technology, the transactions are recorded chronologically – visible to everyone and are verified by Bitcoin Nodes. 


Cryptocurrency- Combines "Cryptography", meaning to code a set of transaction(s) in order to make it secure and protected from third party intervention and "currency". Thus it is a cryptographically built digital currency. It is different from fiat in the sense that anybody can own it, not being native to a particular nation or state. 


Nodes- Any computing system which is connected to the bitcoin blockchain network. A full node validates the transactions and eventually packs them into blocks over the chain.