CXIHUB Launches Peer to peer automated trading platform for users


Welcome Traders- Cxihub brings a Secure Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange

“What feels like the end is often the beginning!”

Undeniably, technological upgradation paves a significant path to make these beginnings a success.

One of the greatest technological milestones of humankind has been the Blockchain technology – which gave birth to the first-ever digital currency- Bitcoin. We are just 9 years into the blockchain industry, especially Bitcoin, and already experiencing a world brimming with revolutionary possibilities!

Cxihub has escalated our approach towards this digital era and takes pride to launch a seamless Peer-to-Peer trading platform for all your digital assets.




Where are we coming from?

We are coming from a regulated banking experience which operated in centralized vicinity, quashing the existence of autonomous digital asset exchanges. The RBI regulations and the contentious directives issued in the recent times- we however believe- were necessary.

With digital expansions come crippling risk factors, viz. the risk of security breach, fraudulent payment activities and intentional transaction delays. These are just a few among the major barricades which cause uncertainty among the users and discourage them to leverage the full potential of the blockchain technology.

Thus directives were indispensable to wary users of those unethical sources of financial exchanges which manipulate the digital market and intend to misguide the community to generate profits.

Such a complex and volatile financial structure has caused anxiety among the end-users, who hesitate to experiment and invest their hard-earned money into the digital currency world- fearing huge losses.

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Where are we heading to?

Contrary to the unnerving bubble around this industry, India is gradually exploring ways to chain its major Governmental departments with the blockchain industry. More recently, the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Governments have been looking forward to moving their entire database onto the blockchain within a few months.

Anticipating loss of data through the way of aggravating cyber hacks, several state Governments including Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra have started relying over the Blockchain technology for e-governance.

Perhaps, the distributed ledger interface of blockchain has reflected a new ray of hope for the Indian businesses- of which around 56% are willing to move their core business module over the blockchain, according to a FinTech report.


Cxihub peer to peer – A step towards Digitalization

Adjusting to the same tailwind, Cxihub peer to peer is set to make digital asset trading and exchanges a seamless and trust-backed process for the end-users.

Through Cxihub peer to peer, traders can now Buy or Sell their Bitcoins using INR/ other Fiat Currency with zero transaction fees. Payment settlements shall be smoothly executed through Bank-to-Bank transfers using the mainstream transfer methods, viz. IMPS, NEFT, UPI and RTGS- mapped entirely on a one-to-one basis.

However, transactions are undertaken without revealing any personal and sensitive data about either of the two parties involved.

Users can advertize for their Bitcoins, pricing it in accordance to the Cxihub Market price index. The bid shall then be listed among other potential trades.

Security concerns of our users are the top priority- handled with a multilayered escrow security system which locks the in-trade cryptocurrency of a seller and releases the same only after a transaction has been thoroughly confirmed by both the traders involved.

A reputation-backed profile of traders shall assist users to undertake an informed decision. Peer to peer also makes sure that all the trading parties are KYC-verified customers, thereby making a trustful chain of exchanges over the platform.

We are working dedicatedly to make Cxihub peer to peer a legitimate gateway for the blockchain technology to imprint its potential over the Indian payment structure. Moving forward, we are hoping to create a digitalized ecosystem, where hassle-free and secure cryptocurrency exchange becomes not just a wish but a reality in India.